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ELSCHUKOM leads to new ideas.

ELSCHUKOM offers innovative solutions to our partners across a wide range of industries, with our highly-motivated workforce and long years of experience. our research team can develop a broad spectrum of materials and types of packaging customised to your extra-fine wire needs, and oversees production on our own premises. from sensors to textiles and packing materials, our wire products can be used in an almost infinite number of ways. and all of our clients have a personal contact to call on – whether they are based in germany or abroad.

  • Ideas for new approaches.

    extra-fine wire has made groundbreaking innovations possible in many different industries. ultrasonic sensors and high-tech clothing just wouldn’t be conceivable without extra-fine wire.

    • medical technology
    • the fuse industry
    • home electronics
    • and much more besides
  • Customised advice.

    we will work alongside you to identify the best solution for your application. you can ask our research and development team for information and pass on your requirements at any time.

    • sample production possible
    • continuous optimisation
  • Growing together.

    as we continue to expand, we welcome people with a wide range of skills. as a family business, we recognise the particular importance of a good working environment

    • additional training and qualifications
    • a varied work schedule